Challenge accepted!

Every company has its plan of action. Ours depends entirely on your wishes. Are you already working with an architect or engineering office? Or are you going to approach us with a blank piece of paper? We always adopt a flexible and constructive attitude to bring your challenge to a successful conclusion. But of course everything starts with the initial meeting, during which we get to know each other.

Step 01

Pleased to meet you!

Would you like to present us with a great challenge? Send us a mail or give us a call. We will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment for you to visit us.

Step 02

Plans on the table

We would like to know more about your proposed project. Do you already have an idea about the design? Are you looking for a detailed estimate? Or would you like to call on the expertise of an independent architect? If desired, we can get you in touch with the right person. Our own internal engineering office is also completely at your disposal. We work with you creatively, functionally and financially.

Step 03

Quotation without issues

An honest quotation is a complete quotation. Our quotation answers questions rather than raises them. No lump sums, only detailed cost items and prices. This ensures there is no room for misinterpretation.

Step 04

Preliminary phase: from design to implementation plan

Once the collaboration is a fact, we immediately take control of your building design. For this we use, among other things, BIM technology and 3D designs from Tekla and Revit. We are working towards a definitive 3D model that is optimally put together, both in terms of: Budget and timing, Functionality tailored to your sector and your business processes, Insulation and ventilation & Safety.
In the meantime, we put together a unique tailor-made project team that represents the interests of your project in all professionalism.

Step 05

Implementation on site

We move from the drawing board to our studio and to the site. We make the desired steel structures to size and ensure prompt delivery to the site. Then it’s up to our excellent technicians to bring your project to life. Our project team meets every week to ensure implementation is of high quality and within the set time and agreed budget.

Step 06


From challenge to success! Your building has been completed, congratulations! But that doesn’t mean we run away, never to be heard from again. We will remain available for any questions afterwards.

The edibo constants within each collaboration

Experience in construction

40 years of industrial construction: this makes us proud. At the same time, we continue to grow with the increasing requirements in terms of knowledge and building materials. Construction is becoming more complex, so we learn and invest purposefully to meet future challenges.

Strong timing

Being late is not in our DNA. Late delivery, we don’t even dare to think about it. From the first quotation to the site works: we develop a realistic plan and always deliver as promised.

First develop the plan

Would you like to collaborate with your own architect or team of engineers? We can hitch our wagon to yours and offer advice without obligation. Our goal: to achieve your dream result and deliver it in an optimal and cost-efficient way.

Well-oiled machine

From the project team that puts its weight behind your project, to the calculation and administrative forces behind the scenes: every successful achievement is the result of smooth interaction.

Set up of your site is always by the book

We meet the strictest safety standards and treat every site as if it were our own shop floor. You can count on an orderly construction site, both during and after the works.

Fair collaboration

At edibo, we attach great importance to honesty. This starts with the financial picture and, as far as we are concerned, runs through the entire collaboration. We always enter into open and transparent dialogue, and ask the same from our customers.


A high quality and finish are the visual expressions of our realizations. But that quality guarantee also applies to the underlying collaborations. We are happy to tell you the full story behind our references, so that we can give you a nice overall picture of our projects. Or contact us in advance for an appointment.

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