Challenging buildings…

Over the past 40 years, we have more than proven our capabilities. We live and breathe industrial construction and are perfectly attuned to our clients, architects and engineers. In other words, our customers know exactly who we are and what we stand for.

In 2021, we plan to fine-tune our status as a ‘jack of all trades’. And more clearly designate our absolute strengths. We know that – thanks in part to our internal project teams – we are able to handle large and complex construction developments. And that we do so successfully – even if it means having to bend over backwards and push the limits a thousand times. We want to challenge the standards of industrial construction and expect the same from our construction partners.

That complexity and flexibility are what makes us who we are. We also aim to utilise these strengths in an even wider market. Apart from our many SME customers, we will also be pursuing large industrial stakeholders and multinationals in coming years.

…with our constructive challengers leading the way

We have now initiated that plan for the future together with over 130 colleagues – our ‘constructive challengers’. These enterprising and adaptable experts in their field take the utmost advantage of their team strengths and sense of responsibility to continuously pursue excellent results. They embody the core values of edibo – each and every day.

And we are extremely eager to prove that there is absolutely no age limit on that expertise. We plan to invest even more in attracting and training young, enterprising builders, who in turn will develop into the senior experts of the next 40 years.

Revitalised identity and a whole new look

We’re keeping our hands off the existing edibo logo, but those who are paying close attention will notice that our communications have a new visual style. It starts with this updated website, which once again clearly outlines the path to be pursued by edibo in coming years. Make sure to check out the numerous new and never before shown completed projects.