When the first excavation works started only two weeks after the official handshake, it was clear that the activities in this project would follow each other quickly. For GOBO Transport & Logistics in Lanaken, our colleagues at edibo Lommel built a new logistics building to supplement their current commercial site. Project leader Edwin Wouters is happy to share.

The project

  • Expansion logistics site
  • 300 square metres of new logistics building
  • 14-metre-high roof edge, 12-metre stacking height
  • 250 square metres of in-house offices spread over two floors
  • 7 loading docks

Major double challenge

Mid-April 2021, in close collaboration with building consultant Jurgen Gobyn and architect Kris Olaerts of XYZ Architects, we reached an agreement on building a new warehouse on their Europark business park site. Deadline: by the end of the year.

In other words: no time to waste. The day following the official signatures we immediately contacted d-Concrete, our prefab concrete supplier. They took on the calculations, the design and production of the concrete support structure, walls and vaults. We provided the translation of the theory to a buildable reality on the construction site, and the foundation works, including the stability study.

Given the very tight deadline, close collaboration from the beginning of the cooperation was crucial. The engineers and designers of both parties aligned their insights every step of the way and our work planner and project leader made sure to closely monitor the progress.

Maximum implementation of the space

The 3D-designs of the new logistics building were also performed in close consultation with the concrete supplier. For the building consultant the most important thing was to gain as much space as possible for the most effective price.

Thanks to some significant efforts – required to bear a building of in total 90 by 90 square metres – we managed to limit the number of intermediate columns to a minimum. In total, we managed to bring it down to 9 intermediate columns, enabling the building consultant to maximally fit out his space with storage racks.

In order to protect the finishing of any potential damage as well as possible, we fitted all the façades with concrete panels, up to a height of at least 3,5 metres. Both firebreak walls are made of concrete for their entire lengths. We finished the rest of the façades with sandwich panels.

Solid agreements with subcontractors

Apart from the intensive communication lines between team edibo and the concrete supplier, the architect and the design team, it was also important to ensure a strong follow-up with the subcontractors.

This way, we were able to count on experienced partnerships from the very quick start of the project, who all assisted us in staying within the scheduled terms. Partly suggested by the building consultant, partly stemming from our own quality pool of subcontractors.

By keeping our fingers on the pulse and by combining and complementing the appropriate forms of expertise, we managed to realise this project in time, according to plan and in compliance with quality standards.

Are you also considering a new logistics building?

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