A true all-rounder, that’s an accurate way to describe constructive challenger Rudi. His official function title is Lead Compiler and the workshop at edibo Lommel is his place to be. Nevertheless, he is a welcome guest on our construction sites as well.

Fast learner

It’s been almost 30 years today since Rudi left his first impressions with us. “After finishing school, I was able to obtain an internship at edibo and I simply never left (laughs)”.

As Lead Compiler, Rudi is responsible for welding the processed steel from the sawing machine together in the right spots. Then, the welding team continues to finish his welding seam preparations. “It is my duty to correctly interpret the detailed drawings of the different construction elements and to make the most important primary connections.”

“This means that interpreting plans is a crucial part of my job; something I taught myself to do in my first years at edibo. Compared to today, the plans were even a lot more complex because back then we worked with overview plans instead of detail plans. This means that we needed to figure out all connections ourselves before we could even get started.”

“Not built for one thing”

Next to compiling, Rudi is also responsible for maintaining machines and travelling cranes. He will also ensure that all the required equipment is present in the workshop, in order for everyone to be able to perform their task accurately.

“In between those jobs, I also help with the transportation of the steel construction elements to the sites. Every now and then, I will take on welding on site. In short, there is a lot of variety in my job, which is something I need. I’m not built to do the same thing all the time.”

“The type of constructions I like best? The structures that are somewhat more complex, like round columns with glass surfaces installed against them later on. Something that is typical for car dealerships and showrooms. Not at all easy to measure up but brilliant to work on and to witness the finished product.”

"To my opinion, we have everything present to build a long and glorious career here: during as well as outside of working hours. Why else would you stick around for 30 something years (laughs).”

Wanted: mood maker with a solid head

The team in the steel workshops counts a little over 20 people. They are regularly looking for new, motivated co-workers who do not shy away from a little challenge. With a track record like Rudi’s, he knows exactly the kind of colleagues they are looking for.

“Of course, you need to have the will to make something of it. Besides strong hands, you will also need – definitely as a compiler – a good head on your shoulders in order to learn how to read the plans.”

“But then again: it doesn’t always have to be serious. A little bit of a reveller is certainly welcomed. I’m quite the mood maker myself; I always have a radio nearby.”

“Today, we are working with a nice mixture of young and experienced staff. Some have been working here longer than I have, others are fresh from the streets but are learning fast thanks to the help of colleagues and internal training sessions. To my opinion, we have everything present to build a long and glorious career here: during as well as outside of working hours. Why else would you stick around for 30 something years (laughs).”

From FC Kolonie to the bike racing club

And once the welding materials have been stored away, what does Rudi like to do?

“I regularly meet with friends on Sundays to go out touring with our racing bikes, obviously with a pint somewhere in the middle. I used to be a central defender for 25 years for FC Kolonie, a local recreational club. Too bad my knees are too weak now. I think I initiated too many tackles (laughs). But I’ll always be a loyal supporter next to the field.”

A job as a constructive challenger at edibo?

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