From pq to precision work

Determining the exact amount of earthmoving is always a challenge. How much soil has actually been supplied and disposed of? Probable quantities predominate and the smallest surprise can lead to serious extra charges to the client. 1cm of deviation on a 10.000m²-surface is enough to seriously rattle the quoted price.

That is why, at edibo, we work with a digital earthmoving calculator. This maps the existing as well as the intended condition of the terrain in full detail. This way, we are able to set a very objective price to the earthmoving works.

There are 3 steps in this process:

  1. 3D-model (digital terrain model) of the existing situation, based on our own calculation or the architect’s.
  2. 3D-simulation based on the intended situation, designed by the architect: we allocate a precise height to each calibration point on the plan.
  3. With our software, we compare both simulations to result in a very accurate calculation of the required earthmoving.

Large added value in complex projects

The more complex the initial situation and/or the designed situation, the larger the added value of this type of earthmoving calculation. Consider two terrains with a significant height difference that are to be merged, a terrain on a slope or a retention basin that needs to be filled in, a building with different finished floor levels …

The comparative software interprets the existing situation and the designed situation, which even enables you to better monitor, interpret and optimise any earthmoving calculations rendered by the architect.

Warranty for client and contractor

A digital earthmoving calculation is a significant asset for all the contracting parties in an industrial construction project. Firstly, for the building consultant/client, who pays a fair price for the executed earthworks.

The general contractor also benefits fully from this 3D-simulation. Supply and disposal of soil is much more (cost-)effective, resulting in a better-quality coordination of the construction project, and communication between the building consultant/client and the architect.

Finally, this earthmoving calculation can lead to optimum price agreements between contractor and earth processing company.

Michaël Hendrikx, land surveyor: “Even more time gain in the future”

“This work method makes the entire earthmoving a whole lot more tangible. At edibo, we have been using this calculation software for more than a year now, during the sales stage as well as during the implementation stage.”

“The added value is obvious, but there will be even more options in the future. Especially in the field of measuring, before the simulation even takes place. Now, measuring is still done by means of basic land surveying equipment, like a GPS and total station. It requires quite some time to map everything in this way. By using a drone, for example, we can work even faster and more efficient. That way, the site manager gets a good overview of his site as well.”

Do you also prefer leaving nothing to chance?

Every eurocent counts, especially in a large industrial construction project. We don’t need to convince you of anything else. We are fully aware of this. Therefore, at edibo, we leave nothing to chance. A digital earthmoving calculation is only one of many ways we want to achieve this.

Are you looking for a general industrial contractor for your construction project, one that is able to link solid budget figures to a solid end result? Feel free to contact us for an exploratory meeting. Or take a look at our many realisations.