In 2011, ebido expanded, with the addition of edibosud, its sister company mainly focused on Wallonia. Through this subsidiary, edibo was able to develop its reputation on the Walloon market. Eight years later, after recruiting 10 new employees, edibosud is now ready to take the next step: its own headquarters. This extension is part of a wider project: with its four separate units, edibo is also planning to rent out commercial business spaces. In this way, the company wants to actively contribute to the development of the region’s new industrial zone.

A conscious decision for Fernelmont

Managing Director Dirk Paerewyck explains the choice of the Fernelmont site: “It seemed more appropriate for us to establish our new headquarters in Fernelmont for several reasons. To start with, the new building is located in a new industrial zone, which is very visible from the motorway. This enables us to significantly increase edibosud’s visibility in the region. The site also has good connections with other motorways to easily serve the rest of Wallonia. We were also very attentive to our employees’ needs, and have made the headquarters easier to access.” 

A real feast for the eyes along the motorway

edibo has specialised for a long time in bespoke construction projects for clients. This project enables edibosud to plan for the development of its business. The new building will be built with future company growth in mind, and equipped with all the necessary indoor and outdoor eye-catching features. The building must reflect the quality and flexibility sought by edibosud in its construction projects. The company has also chosen a finish with soft and warm touches. In addition to its own company building, edibosud has killed two birds with one stone by developing additional units for rent. Alongside its own growth, edibosud aims to put in place spaces that will stimulate the creation of around twenty additional jobs. The whole project is expected to be completed in autumn 2019.