“My husband tipped me off”

Although Kelly has only been working with us for a few months, she has already proven to be a genuine ‘constructive challenger’. “I contacted edibo personally. I had been working as a technical administrative specialist for a while, but was ready for a new challenge. My husband even worked at edibo as a mechanic 13 years ago. He advised to give it a try and I’m so very glad I did. I’m given a lot of opportunities here to demonstrate my expertise.”

“I’m responsible for helping to further develop the digital aspects of our construction processes. Until recently, we primarily worked with Tekla software only. But this software was actually developed for steel construction and focuses more on the structural details of the buildings. With Revit, we can add more technical details to our digital designs, including 3D render images.”

“Practically speaking, this means that we can work together with other contractors using a more BIM-like approach because we have a more detailed overview of the materials to be used. Our clients and their architects have a much better understanding of the final result. We can also better coordinate our processes internally, such as any changes to the design that need to be made by our engineering team.”

“As many visits to the site as possible”

When asked which type of project she enjoys working on most, Kelly mentions logistics industrial buildings. “Personally, I enjoy working on warehouses with office space most of all. The reason is because you have a bit more freedom with this kind of project. The emphasis is on the most practical layout, yet there are often also lots of aesthetic aspects to incorporate.”

“If a site is close to my work, I like to drive past every so often to see how the project is progressing. I’ve also occasionally asked the project manager whether I can visit the site. There’s so much that can be learned from this. And, of course, it’s always nice to chat with colleagues you don’t often see otherwise.”

“The hardest part about my job? Today’s architecture is increasingly leaner and sleeker, including industrial buildings. Yet certain preferences in terms of stability may not always be feasible. Fortunately, we can count on an innovative and inventive in-house engineering team to find the most suitable solutions – always in close coordination with the architect.”

“We’re real island people”

You can’t always burn the candle at both ends. What kinds of challenges does Kelly enjoy after exiting the drawing software? “I’m the mother of a little girl who is almost three. That in itself is a wonderful challenge. I also try to find a few hours every week for physical exercise: working out, a bit of cardio… Exercising gives me lots of energy.”

“But my greatest source of joy is travelling. My husband and I are both passionate travellers and divers. Our favourite destination? Anywhere we can combine our passions. But there are two destinations in particular that have won us over. Five years ago, the two of us spent a month travelling in Thailand and Indonesia. Big cities like Jakarta and Bangkok are definitely worth a visit, but where we absolutely felt most at home was on the islands. Taking a ferry to Bali or Lombok is the definition of joy for us. Naturally, we hope to share all kinds of fantastic travels around the world with our little girl in the future.”