For over ten years, they have been two peas in a pod at edibosud. Technicians Mohamed and Mounir take care of a project from foundation to finishing touch, a mission they devotedly strive to achieve every day. How do they challenge themselves and their colleagues? We asked them.

“Finish every project exquisitely”

Mohamed – Momo for the colleagues – first set foot in edibosud as technician in 2012. Mounir arrived little less than a year after that. Back then, they worked together under the wings of foreman Rudi Detaille; today they proudly manage their own team.

“As technicians, our job is to do almost everything during the implementation phase”, Mohamed explains. “It starts with the foundation works and it ends with the final finishing touches. We are immensely proud to be able to help shape our projects from the beginning to the end and we won’t content ourselves with anything less than perfection.”

Co-worker Mounir acknowledges this: “No matter if it is the smaller sites or the larger, more complex structures, we want to conclude every project exquisitely. This means that we pay a lot of attention to the smallest details every time. This is as vital for us as staying challenged.”

“Sharing ideas with other ages and branches”

“In order to stay challenged week in and week out, this naturally depends on the motivated colleagues that share that same goal. We still learn new things from our internal colleagues, every day. For Mohamed and myself, this is primarily true for the colleagues that are old hands in the trade. They still teach us a lot.”

“The positive atmosphere and vast expertise that rule edibosud, we also find at our Lommel branch”, Mohamed adds. “This becomes apparent every time we cooperate on construction sites. This is a very pleasant way of working together. We openly share our ideas and we fortify one another across language barriers.”

Shared passion for football

As soon as construction site traffic stops and the workweek is at an end, both gentlemen are lured towards the green turf. Mohamed himself puts on his football shoes every week while Mounir shares his football experience coaching youth teams.

As soon as summer approaches, something else calls out: the home country, Morocco. “Every year, we both look forward to returning to our families and spending time with them. Underneath the hot sun and with Moroccan delicacies; it will always be special to us.”

Are you looking for more in your construction career?

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