Punch Powertrain and edibo are no strangers to one another. Au contraire, for three years our constructive challengers were fully committed to the expansion of their Sint-Truiden site. Then-Project Manager Jo Boonen, Managing Director today, thinks back on that versatile cooperation, with the grand finale being a unique construction.

The project

Between 2015 and 2017, activity was bustling on the Punch Powertrain site in Sint-Truiden. Stimulated by investment company LRM, the producer of gearboxes was in full expansion at the time.

After the first successful introduction between edibo and LRM for the construction of the new Ridgid distribution centre a little down the road, our constructive challengers were once again entrusted with this assignment by the Limburg investor.

These are some of the building and coordinating tasks we were in charge of:

  • Multiple production halls
  • A logistics hall
  • Offices and a cafeteria for the employees
  • A highly-advanced test bench

Furthermore, we also took on renovating an existing building on site, destined for the construction of test cells. The total construction surface of all these subprojects amounted to more than 25,000 m² and involved an investment of no less than 20 million euro.

The challenges

If you say ‘edibo’, you say ‘facing challenges head-on’. We had to roll up our sleeves during this multi-year project as well and take on a couple of feisty challenges. Jo Boonen elaborates.

Unique test bench based on German workmanship

“The gearboxes coming from the conveyor belts at Punch Powertrain are always tested for vibrations as well. Therefore, the company purchased a test bench that would be managed by a German partner company. However, this installation was so high-tech – construction-wise as well as usability – that they decided to include the acquisition of the test building together with the investment.”

“The construction of this test bench and the surrounding structures proved to be quite a difficult feat. You have to consider that this is a concrete building that is literally standing on springs within another concrete building. Those springs are there to neutralise any external vibration during testing in order not to interfere with the testing results.”

“To leave nothing to chance, we headed to Germany to study a similar construction, together with the test bench manufacturer.”

High-speed site

“Because the company was in full expansion at the time, we needed to perform our activities at a very high pace. The construction site was in constant movement, while the existing production never stopped.”

“That is why our in-house research department took on the preliminary (stability) studies. By being proactive, we were able to guarantee a high pace as well as a high quality.”

When looks matter too

“Efficiency was a priority within this project but we never lost track of the aesthetic side. Just like they did with the new construction plans for Ridgid, co-building consultant LRM commissioned us to give special attention to the visual representation of the offices.”

“For this project, the choice was to imitate façade cassettes onto sandwich panels. A budget-friendly solution with a high-grade appearance. Compliments to the commissioners!”

Typical edibo?

“This assignment for Punch Powertrain will forever be carved into my memory thanks to the long and fruitful collaboration, and the large variation in assignments and their complexity.”

“We at edibo managed to keep a brisk pace at all times without having to compromise on quality, on or off site. Our inherently flexible mindset, once again, made the difference.”

How important is a flexible building partner to you?

As an industrial contractor with over 40 years of experience across a wide variety of industries, we are not easily startled. This means that we will analyse every challenge that comes our way – no matter the complexity – with great attention. Because to us, these challenges are indispensable in every assignment.

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