The construction of business park for SMEs Green Park Jaurdinia in Mont-Saint-Guibert is certainly one of the largest projects known to date in edibo’s history. Soon, dozens of new companies will set up shop in this modern and sustainable 40,000 square metres of infrastructure entirely dedicated to companies. A guided tour of this ambitious project in several phases.

Different challenges in each phase

The developer is the name behind a whole series of Green Business parks across Belgium. Their spearhead: creating sustainable business zones with ecology as a backdrop, both in construction and professional terms. Their buildings must be scalable over time and in line with their occupants’ success.

In actual fact, this philosophy resulted in a series of challenges for our partners. Starting with phase 1, comprising 43 SME units spread across 4 buildings covering a total of 10,000 square metres. Followed by phase 2, which also had 4 constructions and 22,000 square metres of SME units.

For these two project phases, as the contractor, we were responsible for closed structural works, building services (lighting, water connection, fire detection, etc.) and outdoor landscaping.

Phase 1: adaptability and modularity of the façades

Even if the studies and execution plans were already in place from the beginning of the works, the purpose of a large number of the 43 units in phase 1 remained uncertain. Nearly half of the units had still not yet found buyers at this stage.   Adaptations were consequently inevitable during execution. Always in close collaboration with the client, the architect (Syntaxe Architectes) and the end client, we adapted quickly and efficiently, to avoid compromising the timing of the works.

This construction works phase had a specific feature: the units – built with a steel structure, sandwich panels and concrete slabs – were modular to a certain extent. In this way, we planned the structural works necessary to be able to subsequently incorporate windows where needed in the façade or a mid-level mezzanine. And this was a serious asset for growing companies, which were relieved from having to find a new location quickly.

Furthermore bow windows shaped a series of street-side office façades which attract people’s direct glance, just like the buildings themselves – of random shapes – mark their footprint on the external environment.

Phase 2: Design & Build and fire standards

While phase 1 above all required a good dose of flexibility from us during execution, in phase 2, we had to be flexible from the first preparatory works.

Given that the SME units covered larger surface areas here and formed a mixture of industrial spaces and offices, we developed our thinking further to meet the specific requirements in terms of fire protection. To remain within the client’s budget, we used all our creativity in constructing the fire compartmentalisation.

In collaboration with an external control office, which revised our plans in detail, we were able to achieve maximum fire safety at an affordable cost. At the same time, the buyers kept the freedom they were hoping for to fit out their units with flexibility in the future.

Furthermore, one of the buildings in phase 2 was for a Design & Build team. We built a workshop for a car and motor racing accessory dealership along with an office space and showroom. In addition to the strict budget, the timing was a major challenge. Due to the many adaptations made to the initial project, the urban planning permit application – and the beginning of the works – were postponed several times. The delivery time was not affected, however. Thanks to the strict monitoring involving the client, the architect and the end client, our aim was to meet the delivery date here at all costs.

Ultimate quality thanks to combined expertise

This phenomenal project demonstrates the extent to which we’re able to work on various types of industrial construction project at edibosud and involve a variety of partners. Our in-house knowledge – our stability and 3D plans among other things – is the solid foundation on which our subsequent collaboration has been based, in particular with the client and the architect.

At the same time we guaranteed additional quality control with an external control office for fire safety (see above), and also submitted our plans to an external stability office (Lemaire design office).

From the first interview to a promising partnership

With a rapid sequence in phase 1, we immediately felt’s trust become established with our partners. Before even submitting our final quote for phase 2 of the works, the client had already agreed to continue our collaboration. And soon our partners will also be at work in Tubize for the construction of a new Green Business Park. For us, this is the beginning of a very promising, long-term relationship.

Are you looking for an industrial general contractor who rises to every challenge?

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