Health & Care incubator BioVille in Diepenbeek is getting a third wing, an expansion with new build offices and labs that is in hands of our constructive challengers. Project manager Frederick Meynen walks you through the project, highlighting the most important challenges along the way.

The project

We are currently constructing an expansion to the LRM incubator BioVille, right outside of Hasselt, the province capital. This project covers an investment of over 4.300.000 euro.

The new wing will consist of three levels for a total surface of 2,000m², to house offices, lab facilities and meeting areas. From these new buildings, tons of scaleups will help sculpt the future of the healthcare industry.

“Within this project, edibo is in charge of almost every post. We have been present ever since the first groundworks and we will still be here for the final paint strokes. Technology is the only thing we’re not in charge of.”

The challenges

“In the field of construction, this project is rather atypical for edibo. We are essentially experts in industrial construction and prefab building structures but for this expansion project, upon consultation the construction team decided to go with a traditional basic construction, which means in-situ concrete structures and masonry façades.”

“And yet, we have proven to be successful many times before in these types of projects. Let’s consider for instance the new construction of the WICO school campus in Pelt or the recent construction of a healthcare facility in Maastricht. The building consultant and architect for these projects, with whom we have maintained a solid relationship for several years now, openly expressed their confidence in our expertise.”

Besides that, team edibo was presented with a number of additional challenges; project manager Frederick explains.

1. Ultra-fast start-up

“The decision to go for a conventional building method led to a faster start-up of the site than we had initially anticipated. Only a few weeks after signing the agreement, we already started the first on-site works. In the meantime, we still had to coordinate with the suppliers and the rest of the construction team, to ensure that the start-up was correct as well as fast.”

2. Other accents

“Conventional and industrial building methods each have their own focus areas and sensitivities. However, with the help, strong support and guidance of our internal project team, the construction file had been prepared down to the last detail.”

3. Flexible building layout

“Seen how throughout the years many different scaleups will move into this new wing, the building is designed with a flexible space layout in mind. This way, future tenants will have wide open spaces that can be subdivided in different ways, thanks to a flexible floor construction and the zoning of climate ceilings.”

4. Challenging façades

“The finishing of the outer façades consists entirely of slender concrete bricks that we placed in irregular bond – horizontally as well as vertically. Add a large diversity in window bands and you’ll recognise that it required meticulous monitoring in order for this project to really come into its own.”

5. Combination of building methods and weather conditions

“During the structural work stage – right in the middle of winter – we often had to deal with rain, cold and frost. This also required a shift in our reasoning compared to the industrial building approach we were so used to. Given the conventional building method, we needed to be extra flexible and work in stages as to avoid large delays.”

new build offices and labs BioVille Diepenbeek
“The finishing of the outer façades consists entirely of slender concrete bricks that we placed in irregular bond - horizontally as well as vertically."

Typical edibo?

“With the works in their final stages, we can already look back on a very versatile, successful project. Despite the approach that we are not used to every day, so far, we managed to present high-quality and efficiency. On the one hand, thanks to the strong support by our direct colleagues, and on the other hand the like-minded communication with the building consultant and the architect. This really makes this realisation feel like something we worked on ‘together’.”

Launching a prestigious project?

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