It’s not what you can do with it, but what you use it for. That’s the motto you hear from just about every one of our stability engineers when it comes to the computing software SCIA Engineer. Why is this digital tool an unmistakable added value for every party involved in an industrial construction project? Stability engineers Raf Steensels and Jens Cannaerts explain in this blog.

What exactly is the SCIA software?

With this 3D-software, our stability engineers literally design the concrete and/or steel structure of a construction. We dimension the components of the main support structure, such as columns and roof trusses, up to the connecting pieces between the varying construction elements. The result is an optimised design of the structural elements – the frame – of the entire construction.

The technical main objective of this software is to guarantee the general stability of this construction. Furthermore, the software enables clearer communication between externally cooperating engineering firms. Because SCIA utilises IFC-models, the designs are legible within most other software applications and, hence, easily exchangeable between different construction partners.

Strong software, stronger users

15 years ago, we still dimensioned our structures in 2D. Today, we build a 3D-basic structure and are able to dissect every detail up close:

  • What material is used for that construction component?
  • What is the exact bearing capacity in one specific point?
  • Is there any risk for deflection?

Combined with the expertise our stability engineers accumulated over the past 40 years, you as building partner can count on a very comprehensive industrial constructor. We at edibo know exactly how to interpret results within the most complex building contexts.

Once the stability design is complete, our engineers pass their designs on to our work planners. From SCIA, the work planners are able to import their colleagues’ designs into their own design programs, such as Tekla and Revit. These designs are then linked to up-to-date calculation notes that in turn serve as basis for new quotations.

Once our work planners have their detailed 3D-drawings in place, our steel workshop or the concrete producer can start producing the various customised construction elements.

Additional controls in external studies

Thanks to the wide variety of possibilities of the SCIA computing software, we can include almost every scenario into our calculations, such as:

  • Risks in case of earthquakes
  • Thermal expansion and contraction factors during temperature fluctuations
  • The settlement differences between the varying foundation layers
  • Second order analyses

We can apply these functionalities within collaborations with external engineering firms, inter alia. For instance, when an insurance agency requires certain additional prerequisites in a construction file. In that case, we can act as quality control unit, or, as a sounding board.

Short but transparent line of communication

Internally, the SCIA computing software clearly facilitates workflow. However, at edibo, we also ensure that the collaboration with architects, external designers and engineering firms flows with the highest efficiency. For instance, when exchanging stability plans and calculation notes, exported from this software.

Our biggest asset in these collaborations? Our role as interpreter. Every construction party interprets the results and specifications coming from such a computing software differently, speaking a slightly different language because of it.

We will coordinate accordingly and warrant clear communication in both directions, with our stability engineers as accomplished interpreters between our own designers and the external engineering firm and/or architect. Quite the reassurance for building consultants, because there is always a short and transparent line of communication between the important construction partners involved in the project. This means that any adjustments are implemented fast and in close consultation.

Looking for a focused partner as of day 0?

At edibo, you can count on the experience and expertise accumulated in 40 years from the most varying industrial projects. It is that knowledge and knowhow that hikes along our stability designs day in, day out. Backboned by the most modern computing software in the market today.

Are you looking for an industrial contractor, who, just like us, leaves nothing to chance from day 0? Then you have found the right partners with our constructive challengers. Tell us all about your next construction story and we are happy to sit with you.